Culinary Resources

Here are some of my favorite resources for recipes and inspiration.

Guide (everything is ovo-lacto unless otherwise marked):

  • nv: non-vegetarian
  • v+: vegan


I still love the feel of cookbooks. There’s something so lovely about browsing a book while having a cup of chai that browsing the internet can’t replace. Also, splatters on a cookbook are a badge of honor right…

  • Madhur Jaffrey’s World Vegetarian – This book is my first cook book and my most beloved. It is falling apart.  This book has introduced me to new ingredients, traditional ways of preparing them and how to compose a few dishes into a comprehensive delicious vegetarian meal. When I want ideas for everyday meals, I come hear first.
  • Roberto Santibanez’s Truly Mexican– This is a “technique-based” introduction to Mexican cuisine with a focus on flavorful sauce-type compositions including salsas, guacamoles, adobos, moles and more. The few entree dishes tend to be meat-based but most all the base sauces which are vegetable, dried chili, seed or nut based are vegan or can be made vegan. nv


Perfect for some more up-to-date trends, following some of my favorite cooks or when you want a recipe NOW.