Patchwork Quilted Coasters

Batik quilted patchwork coasters on a coffee table

I made these gorgeous Aloha themed patchwork coasters from some lovely fabric that I purchased in Maui. I love how they look against the living room coffee table. They are the perfect pop of color to complement our mostly neutral apartment furniture and go perfectly with our coffee table book on Hawaiian shirts.

These were a really fun, low pressure project to make. Many of the non-sewing steps also lend themselves to being done while watching TV.


My primary focus was on completing the project with minimal fuss (read: not too much precision, technique or accessories). I loved the small imperfections in each individual coaster and found it gave them character.

I approximated all the fabric measurements. I started by measuring the first coaster next to our old coasters and went from there. A ruler probably works better

I used the backing of the coasters to create a faux binding. I adapted this technique from Pretty Prudent but went even simpler with my corners (simply folding the sides on top of each other).

The important part of this project is picking fabrics that you like and go well together. Remnants from a fat quarter pack would be a good option here.

What you need:

  • Fabric scraps to make the patchwork fronts
  • Batting (~4.5 in square per coaster)
  • Backing fabric
  • Thread
  • Iron and Ironing board
  • Sewing Machine
  • Scissors
  • Ruler (optional)

Making the fronts

  • Sew scraps of fabric together to create a patchwork front.
  • Trim and press your seams to one side (Note: I accidentally pressed my stitches open) in preparation for stitch in the ditch quilting.
  • Trim the entire piece to 4 inch squares (or your choice of coaster size).
  • Cut a piece of square of batting that is half an inch larger on either side.
  • Cut a piece of fabric backing that is one inch larger than the front on either side.
  • Sandwich the backing between the front and backing (centering both the front and batting on top of the backing) and quilt the pieces together using the “stitch in the ditch” method. Snip the thread edges.
Stitch in the ditch quilting the patchwork coaster
Stitching in the ditch quilting

Binding the Coasters

I adapted the faux binding technique from Pretty Prudent but made the corners even simpler.

  • Trim the batting so its edges are flush with the edges of the front.
  • Fold the edge of the backing fabric on each side so it is flush with the batting and front
    • Pro Tip: Leave a tiny gap (maybe 1/8 inch) between the folded edge and batting so it is easier to fold the edge of the batting.On each side, fold over the edge of the backing so it is lined up with the edge of the batting and press.
  • Snip off the corners to reduce the extra fabric bulk
  • Fold each of these folded edges over the front of the coaster to create the faux binding and stitch through the binding, the front, the batting and the bottom so that everything stays in place. You can sew each side individually or sew it all in one go: when you come to a corner, use the back stitch function of your machine to create the cross effect.
  • Once you’re done, clean up your threads and you’ll have a coaster ready to go.

There you have it. Some beautiful bright patchwork coasters to show off your fabric stash and brighten up your morning tea!

Six new coasters for the coffee table to add some Hawaiian brightness, even on grey days.