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Cooking Diary: January 16 – January 31

For all of January, someone in the house has been sick. It was a fact I ignored as I cooked ambitiously during the first half of the year but having since faced a bout of strep throat and another head cold, I am ready for February. I’d like to optimistically think that colds and common […]


Hello after 4 Years – Thoughts on Everyday Cooking

It’s been more than 4 years since I posted here and since then, so much life has happened. I got married and now have an almost two-year old who is rambunctious, adorable and opinionated. Since this cute creature needs to be provided sustenance at frequent intervals for the foreseeable future (note: at least a decade […]


Sewing up a Cross Back Apron

tl;dr: How I customized Purl Soho’s Cross Back Apron for myself and rocked a dinner party. My alteration process included (in case you want to adapt it) Like so many garment sewing projects, I finished this apron just hours before an occasion where I wanted to wear it. If you are wondering (rightfully), what exactly […]


Patchwork Quilted Coasters

I made these gorgeous Aloha themed patchwork coasters from some lovely fabric that I purchased in Maui. I love how they look against the living room coffee table. They are the perfect pop of color to complement our mostly neutral apartment furniture and go perfectly with our coffee table book on Hawaiian shirts. These were […]

Maui Beach
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Vegetarian Friendly Maui

Whoever said Maui was a special place was spot on.  In my opinion, it’s one of the most relaxing places in the world.  I love spending time both at the beach but also on the verdant mountainside of Haleakala. As a vegetarian, it can be hard to find good food at restaurants in Maui.  Its […]

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Cooking Diaries: Enchiladas from Scratch

Many Saturdays ago, I wandered down 24th Street in the Mission when I came across La Palma, a small “Mexicatessen” where business was already booming at 9 am.   There was a small provisions store up front, somewhat sparse by Mexican grocery standards, but I saw that most of people in the store were looking […]