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Maui Beach
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Vegetarian Friendly Maui

Whoever said Maui was a special place was spot on.  In my opinion, it’s one of the most relaxing places in the world.  I love spending time both at the beach but also on the verdant mountainside of Haleakala. As a vegetarian, it can be hard to find good food at restaurants in Maui.  Its […]

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Curried Corn and Potato Soup

How do you make a hot summer soup that is hearty enough to be a meal but not siesta inducing?  This question and a picture of a chef shaving off kernels of corn in Ottolenghi’s Plenty serve as the inspirations of this soup. I wanted the soup to be served hot and highlight the sweetness of fresh-off-the-cob […]


Tomato Jam

One of my favorite part of the summer are all the tomatoes at the farmer’s markets.  Living in San Francisco, I’m incredibly spoiled — I have a small farmer’s market  3 blocks from my house and a larger market only a 5 min drive away. Last year, I bought Sheri Castle’s The New Southern Garden […]


Spice in Jars: Tarla Dalal’s Chai Masala

Do you ever have days that unexpectedly keep getting better?  The other day, a good friend texted me to ask if we could grab dinner that night since he had to bail on my birthday dinner for a most awesome reason – his girlfriend was surprising him that weekend by flying across the country to California and […]

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Cooking Notes: Pasta Pomodoro

A lot of what I eat doesn’t come with a formal recipe.  When I first started cooking, I could not understand how people could cook without recipes yet as I’ve cooked more (and perhaps, become more used to my mother’s cooking notes), more and more of my cooking repertoire are these recipe-less dishes.  In some […]


A Few Midnights in Paris

If Jiro dreams of sushi in Tokyo, my dreams of Paris are filled with buttery flaky croissants, rainbow colored macarons and sandwiches atop baguettes.  As a vegetarian, I was skeptical that I would be able to appreciate the food culture that Paris was known for. However, even in the 4 days of a whirlwind trip […]